Why is it worth working with LOSBEL?

Why should the design of treatment facilities be carried out by technical designers with experience in such projects?

A complex biochemical reaction takes place within the wastewater treatment plant. These processes must be carefully calculated. Lack of equipment will lead to ineffective wastewater treatment, and an overabundance will inflate the estimated cost, as well as the costs of its subsequent operation.

Our designers are very closely familiar with LOSBEL technology. Close cooperation with the technologist leads to optimal capacity calculations and minimal costs to the consumer.

Also, the design features utilized by LOSBEL specialists aim to minimize the occupied treatment areas. As a result, the LOSBEL technology allows to reduce the sanitary zone of the sewage treatment plant to 50 meters.

During discussions of the preliminary project, we always try to minimize costs for the Customer and offer only the most optimal solutions.

LOSBEL executes turnkey construction of treatment facilities.